Innovation and entrepreneurship center (IEC) Tehnopolis is the most significant Center for the development of startup companies and entrepreneurship in Montenegro. As one of the key players in creating and reshaping the innovation ecosystem, Tehnopolis provides a set of infrastructural and support measures which enable the opening of new companies, and business development based on new, innovative ideas and technologies. Through our activities and cooperation with more than 150 partners, we are supporting the improvement of the innovation system and infrastructure for the overall sustainable economic development of Montenegro.

Services and products

  • Business incubator - provides support to development teams, startups and already registered companies whose business is based on scientific research, development and implementation of new technologies, or activities that have high growth potential.
  • Biotechnology Laboratory - BioLab Tehnopolis - provides support to agricultural producers and encourages the development of agriculture, both through the provision of its services and by connecting the academic and business sectors to encourage knowledge transfer and innovation, which will create new products and improve the quality of existing.
  • Laboratory for Industrial Design - TechLab Tehnopolis - made available to all innovative SMEs, innovators, startups, as well as the academic community, which are in the support system IPC Tehnopolis, all to introduce new technologies and implement innovative solutions in the development of new products and improvements to existing ones.
  • Data center Tehnopolis - provides support to the development of start-up companies in Montenegro and supports the overall digitalization of micro, small and medium enterprises. In addition to support, the Data Center also provides commercial services.
  • Program activities include the creation of content that is adapted and harmonized with state policies, and which aim to create an entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem as well as its strengthening through various types of financial and non-financial support. Also, the goal of the program activities is a content-wise and logistically organized external event that contributes to the development of the business community in Niksic and Montenegro in terms of providing opportunities for events aimed at improving business



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