Science and Technology Park Montenegro is founded with the aim of giving the support and strengthening the potentials of economic growth and development of Montenegro, through establishment and growth of the companies/teams in high tech activities. As well, a special activity aspect of Science and Technology Park Montenegro is a support in developing and commercialization of innovative ideas and projects.

Services and products

  • Primary mission of Science and Technology Park Montenegro will be support of entrepreneurial companies through processes of incubation, funding, training, mentoring and integration with the ecosystems of technological innovations, both regional and global.
  • Accelerate innovative products in the private sectors through support programs and grants that will encourage the development of new products and innovations.
  • Encouraging cooperation with business and academic communities, as well as decision makers in Montenegro.
  • Creating simulating environment that will foster innovations and cooperation, by attracting and supporting tenants focused on product and service development based on technology and commercialization of scientific research.



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