Progmata is a service-oriented company, providing custom software development and consultancy service to clients looking for technical expertise in challenging projects. We help clients improve the efficiency of existing business processes, enable digital transformation and migrate to the cloud. We produce high-quality scalable cloud-native solutions for both startups and enterprises. Throughout the journey, we tend […]


Progmata je servisno orijentisana kompanija koja pruža usluge planiranja, razvoja i održavanja softvera klijentima koji žele unaprijediti efikasnost postojećih biznis procesa, digitalno se transformisati ili migrirati svoja on-premise rješenja u cloud okruženje. Kombinujući iskustvo iz enterprise i startup svijeta klijentima nudimo efikasna i skalabilna rješenja. Motivisani smo tehnički zahtjevnim projektima i svaki izazov klijenta doživljavamo […]

Bild Studio

Bild Studio is a software company that brings together highly qualified programmers, designers, project, marketing and business development managers. In the last ten years, Bild studio has mainly done business with partners from Western and Northern Europe, as well as with the largest clients in Montenegro. The core of their business consists of software development, […]


ČIKOM is one of the leading ICT companies and leaders in the digital transformation of Montenegro. ČIKOM currently has over 70 highly qualified experts and a network of external consultants. Different IT profiles, scientific approach, accumulated knowledge and experience, monitoring of world standards and close cooperation with users are the guarantor of the success of […]

Data Design d.o.o.

Data Design is a company for information engineering and consulting in Podgorica. Since its establishment until today, the company  is focused on development, implementation and maintenance of its software products  (mainly in the field of  e-commerce, business information system and traffic), as well as digital marketing service and development of web solutions.  Since Data Design […]

Oykos Development

Oykos Development in Montenegro has as a main goal to improve the digitalization level of society through the introduction of international standards and modern software solutions in government and business institutions. The company exports software services to the USA and Germany, as well as other countries. In cooperation with the international network of experts, the […]

Logate d.o.o.

Logate is creator of high-end enterprise software solutions and services that help Telecoms, Banks and other enterprise-grade companies to be innovative, smart and fast. Logate makes a dedicated team of IT professionals who enjoy working in a fast-paced and dynamic business environment, where they have the opportunity to constantly face new challenges. Logate company clients […]


Codingo is a software company that develops web applications and custom software solutions. They are specialized for web development in technologies such as Laravel and Vua framework.  Codingo clients are mainly from foreign markets such as:USA, Great Britain and Germany, as well as a few local institutions. They pay special attention to the quality of […]


Fleka is a studio for interactive design, specialized for web and mobile platforms and fintech products. As a digital agency, they are not exclusively focused on design. Finding inspiration in users’ everyday needs and demands, Fleka team specialises in developing multilayered solutions but also find inspiration in everyday needs and desires of users, by offering […]

Coinis d.o.o.

Coinis is an ad-tech company whose business is based on the creation of state-of-the-art, modern technology for displaying and tracking ads on the Internet.   Coinis allows large corporations, product owners and distributors to advertise in a very simple and fast way, as well as monitor the performance of their activities through a special business intelligence […]


Amplitudo is a leading digital innovator in Montenegro with rich experience in software development, implementation of ICT and IoT solutions, digital marketing and design. Amplitudo is a key place of digital transformation, a socially  responsible company that wants to bring the best of Montenegro to the world. Factory of ideas with creativity and talents as […]

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