Imagine being able to reach anything in your city with just a few clicks—that’s the idea Glovo started with in 2015 in Barcelona. Since then, Glovo has become a global player, present in 25 markets across Europe, Asia, and Africa. In Montenegro, Glovo has been fulfilling its mission since 2021, covering eight cities with a team of 25 professionals from various fields. Their local team collaborates daily with numerous partners and colleagues from around the world.

Glovo is more than an app—it’s an innovative platform that connects users, delivery drivers, and local businesses such as restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, florists, and much more. Their mission is simple yet powerful: to provide everyone with easy access to anything in the city.

Glovo as an Employer: First-Hand Experiences

Glovo is not just an innovative tech company; it’s also a great place to work, as confirmed by their employees. Here’s what team members have said about their experience at Glovo.

"What I love most about working as an Operations Manager is the opportunity to apply my knowledge and years of experience in a truly dynamic environment. I am particularly inspired by the fact that the results of my activities are easily visible, and I can see on a daily basis how I contribute to the company's success. Additionally, it is important to me that I am in daily contact with colleagues from different countries, with whom I exchange experiences and gain new knowledge."
Ana Stojanović
Chief Operations Manager
"In the short time I have been at Glovo, I quickly integrated into the team. I particularly enjoy working in an innovative environment where we can test new ideas and find ways to improve the business. Additionally, as a Commercial Manager, I appreciate that besides the time I spend working with partners, I also have time for my personal development."
Edouard HARDY
Menadžer komercijale

Creative and Inspiring Work Environment

Working at Glovo means being part of a team that constantly seeks new ways to improve business operations. Employees have the opportunity to work in an environment that supports creativity and experimenting with new ideas, contributing to personal and professional development.

International collaboration and relocation opportunities

As a global company, Glovo enables its employees to collaborate with colleagues from different countries on a daily basis, which is extremely important for professional growth and development. The exchange of experiences and knowledge with colleagues from various parts of the world enriches the work experience and opens new perspectives.

One of the great advantages of working at Glovo is the possibility of relocation and changing countries. Our employees have the opportunity to move to other countries, take on greater responsibilities, and expand their professional horizons. This not only provides exciting new challenges but also allows employees to gain international experience and grow within the company.

Contribution to the Community

In addition to their regular duties, Glovo employees like to invest extra time and effort in activities that contribute to the community. Through initiatives like Glovo Cares, where they take on the role of couriers and provide help to those in need, they collaborate with organizations, foundations, and associations from various fields on social actions, green projects, and other initiatives that have a positive impact. These activities not only contribute to a better society but also enable their employees to feel connected to the local community. Working on such projects strengthens team spirit and creates a sense of shared accomplishment.

Glovo fosters a culture of fun, evident through their Office life and frequent parties and gatherings. They take particular pride in celebrating Culture Day twice a year. These events are more than just celebrations—they are crucial for building strong relationships among employees, promoting team cohesion, and creating a work environment where everyone feels welcome and valued.

Such a culture of fun and unity contributes to better moods, increases productivity and job satisfaction, and helps reduce stress while improving the overall quality of life for their employees.

Engaging in communal activities and informal gatherings allows employees to get to know each other better, exchange ideas, and form lasting bonds, which is crucial for building a successful company.