Yesterday, the first working meeting of one of the five key groups dedicated to the development of the National Fintech Strategy was held. The initiative for the meeting was launched by ICT Cortex in collaboration with the Central Bank of Montenegro, bringing together companies active in the fintech sector.

The aim of this meeting was to gather reputable companies, startups, and their representatives to present the idea of forming a fintech committee within the framework of ICT Cortex. The committee will contribute to the development of the National Fintech Strategy with a special focus on information technology perspectives.

Further steps include organizing the first committee meeting, selecting a chairman, and establishing the organizational structure. It is expected that several more companies will join in the upcoming phases.

Representatives from companies such as ADP-Zid, Bild Studio, Coinis, ČIKOM DOO, the Central Bank of Montenegro, the Montenegro Science and Technology Park, NLB Banka Podgorica, Porto Montenegro, Upbeat Hub, and M:TEL attended the meeting.

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