The Central Bank of Montenegro (CBCG) successfully introduced this year’s edition of the CBCG FinTech Hackathon at a recent MeetUp event. During the event, the themes and competition rules were presented in detail, and participants were provided with key information about the CBCG FinTech Hackathon.

Representatives from CBCG, including Gordana Kalezić, Valentina Bulatović, and Andrija Jovović, spoke at the MeetUp event, offering insights into the competition and its objectives. The event was moderated by Aleksandar Drekalović, a representative of ICT Cortex.

During the presentation, participants gained a deeper understanding of this year’s competition theme, “Know your customer – easy and secure,” as well as detailed information about the competition rules and application process. It was emphasized that applications for the CBCG FinTech Hackathon are open until October 1st.

The CBCG FinTech Hackathon is a collaborative effort between the Central Bank of Montenegro, the Association of Banks of Montenegro, and ICT Cortex. The competition will take place from October 7th to 9th, and all interested parties can find additional information and apply through the official event website at the following link. This initiative aims to promote innovation in the financial sector and enhance services for clients through collaboration between financial experts and technological innovators.

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