Under the auspices of the second CBCG FinTech Conference, within Panel II, the discussion will revolve around the topic “Launching a Digital FinTech Bank/Payment Service: What is Needed? Developmental, Regulatory, and Market Considerations.”


The FinTech industry experienced significant growth in 2021, with investments totaling up to $134 billion. Banks worldwide are rapidly digitizing their operations, but innovators often aim to leapfrog conventional models and start from scratch to create new and original services.


The panel will explore opportunities and challenges in the FinTech sector, as well as ways to overcome them. The panel will be moderated by Vlado Vuković from Coinis, and the speakers will include:



The CBCG FinTech Conference, themed “The Role of FinTech in Democratizing the Financial Sector,” will take place on October 7th in Podgorica.

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