Web Summit officially opened last night. Around 70,000 people gathered to attend this four-day event that will host over 2,600 startups and a large number of world-renowned speakers.

Thanks to the support of the Capital City and the ICT Cluster Cortex, 8 Podgorica-based startups, winners of the Competition for Support to the Startup Community, which the Capital City has been announcing for the second year in a row, will have the opportunity to present their ideas: Prezla, Flash, Dixi Digital, Spectro, Medpack, Flourish, Guidi, Tiramisu act.

Cryptocurrencies, climate change, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine are the topics that marked the opening of the largest technological event. The most attention was drawn by Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, who spoke about cryptocurrencies and why he decided to invest in Twitter.

The Montenegrin delegation is expected to have three days of networking activities and many interesting lectures, and we hope they will make the most of the opportunities provided by Web Summit.

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