MeetUp Vol.5, dedicated to the topics of banking services and innovations in the fintech industry, was recently held. This event, which has already become a tradition, provided participants with the opportunity to hear from experts from the Central Bank of Montenegro (CBCG) and ICT Cortex, an organization dedicated to supporting the development of information technology.

Guests from CBCG, Nikola Bašanović and Božo Cvetkovski, prominent representatives of this institution, shared their expert perspectives on banking services and new innovations in the field of financial technology. Their presence at the event allowed participants to gain a better understanding of current challenges and prospects in the banking sector of Montenegro.

Representatives from the IT community also contributed to the discussion. Ivica Tatar from Logate and Miloš Milošević from Fleka, members of ICT Cortex, shared their views on the role of technology in shaping the future of banking services.

The event moderator, Valentina Beg Deljanin, skillfully led the discussions and encouraged participants to ask relevant questions.

MeetUp Vol.5 was open to all interested parties, and attendance at the event was possible both through the Zoom application and physically at the NEST premises.

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