As part of the preparations for the first Fintech Hackathon, the Central Bank of Montenegro (CBCG) organized a series of panel discussions, with the first one recently held. Panel No.1, titled ‘How Technological and Financial Innovations Can Impact the Development of Society in Montenegro,’ brought together experts from the fields of technology, finance, and public administration.


The panel featured prominent speakers and was moderated by Jasna Pejović. The panelists included:


  • Daniela Gasparikova, Resident Representative of UNDP in Montenegro
  • Zoran Đikanović, Director of the Capital Market Commission
  • Zorica Kalezić, Deputy Governor of CBCG
  • Marina Banović, State Secretary at the Ministry of Public Administration, Digital Society, and Media
  • Janko Odović, State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance and Social Welfare

The discussion focused on how technological advancements and financial innovations can have a positive impact on Montenegrin society. Panelists discussed the current state and prospects of the fintech sector in the country, exploring potential benefits and challenges arising from the adoption of new technologies in finance.


Panel No.1 is part of the preparations for the first Fintech Hackathon scheduled for October 22, and the entire event will be available for viewing on the official YouTube channel of ICT Cortex. This initiative aims to promote innovation in the fintech sector and supports collaboration among different sectors in Montenegro to enhance the financial sector.

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