The Central Bank of Montenegro (CBCG) is gearing up for its first Fintech Hackathon and, as part of the preparations, is hosting a series of panel discussions. One of these discussions, titled ‘The Impact of Technology on Payment System Transformation – Regulatory Perspectives,’ will bring together experts from the fields of finance and technology.


This panel will feature prominent speakers from different countries and organizations, with the discussion moderated by Ivan Bošković, Director of the Payment System and Financial Technology Directorate at CBCG. The panelists who will share their perspectives and experiences on the topic of payment system transformation include:


  • Holti Banka, a financial sector expert from the World Bank
  • Anikó Szombati, Executive Director for Digitalization and Fintech Sector Development at the Central Bank of Hungary
  • Igor Veličkovski, Director of the Payment System Sector at the National Bank of North Macedonia
  • Ledia Bregu, Director of the Payment, Accounting, and Finance Sector at the Bank of Albania
  • Andrija Jovović, Director of the Payment System Sector at the Central Bank of Montenegro. 


The discussion will focus on the role of technology in payment system transformation, with a central focus on regulatory perspectives. Panelists will explore current trends, challenges, and opportunities in the field of payment systems, as well as regulatory approaches and initiatives that support innovation in the financial sector.



Panel No.3 is part of the broader framework of preparations for the first Fintech Hackathon, scheduled for October 22, and the entire event will be available for viewing on the official Cortex YouTube channel. This initiative aims to promote dialogue between relevant stakeholders in the financial sector and the technology community to enhance payment systems and provide better financial services.


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