The first CBCG FinTech Hackathon on the theme ‘The Future of Digital Banking and Payment Services in Montenegro,’ organized by the Central Bank of Montenegro, ICT Cortex, and the Association of Banks of Montenegro, concluded with the announcement of the winners.

The first prize, amounting to 3,000 euros, was awarded to the team ‘Budućnost’ from the Middle Economic School ‘Mirko Vešović’ in Podgorica. The team members, second-year students Dragan Adžić, Luka Adžić, Nemanja Peković, and their teacher Violeta Đukanović, devised an application aimed at encouraging clients to use electronic banking through various user rewards mechanisms and service payment automation.

The second prize, amounting to 2,000 euros, was won by the ‘Interact‘ team, consisting of Benjamin Dobardžić, entrepreneur, Tamara Pavlović, data reporting analyst, Vladimir Borović, UI/UX designer, and Blerdijan Kolić, web developer. They created a mobile application designed to promote savings, assist users in payments and money exchange, and is designed based on gamification principles.

The third prize, amounting to 1,000 euros, was awarded to the ‘Loanit‘ team, comprising Čedomir Burić, web developer, Sara Jolić, UI designer, Anita Dapčević, student, and Dražen Skrobanović, front-end developer. They developed a web application centralizing information on interest rates for all types of loans offered by Montenegrin banks and other financial institutions.

A special prize of 400 euros was awarded to the ‘Budućnost’ team, the only high school team to reach the finals.

Furthermore, all members of the 18 high school teams that participated in the CBCG FinTech Hackathon were each awarded a prize of 100 euros in recognition of their innovation, creativity, and courage to respond to the competition’s theme.

The awards were decided by a six-member jury composed of Zorica Kalezić, Vice-Governor of CBCG; Dejan Vujačić, Director of the Banking Control Sector at CBCG; Tarik Zaimović, Executive Director of ICT Cortex; Ivica Tatar, Co-Founder and CEO of Logate; Mirjana Begović, Head of the Information Systems Audit Department at the Ministry of Public Administration, Digital Society, and Media; and Linardo Martinčević, Fintech Coordinator of the Croatian National Bank. The jury evaluated the innovation, applicability, practicality, and functionality of ideas in the field of financial technology that the finalist teams developed with the guidance of mentors from the IT, banking, and public relations sectors.

All monetary awards were provided by the CBCG.

A total of 41 teams applied for the first CBCG fintech hackathon, including 18 high school teams, 11 student teams, and 12 teams of professionals from the banking and IT sectors.

The CBCG FinTech Hackathon is a forty-eight-hour team competition to create the best fintech idea. The Central Bank organized it to promote and encourage innovations in the field of digital banking and to contribute to financial education in the domain of digital banking and payment services.

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