Innovative activity as an imperative of economic growth

The need to intensify innovative activities for the economic and social progress of Montenegro is the main message of MeetUp Vol 8, which was held on May 25, and organized by the ICT cluster Cortex and the Montenegrin Chamber of Commerce. Comprehensiveness and sufficiency of the legislation adopted to establish and develop innovative activities, how the benefits and possible reasons for insufficient use of the potential offered by this legislative framework, as well as proposals on how to systematically improve and intensify innovative activities, were topics about which the panelists and participants had a constructive dialogue. Questions and concerns in this area, in a dialogue with the participants, were answered by panelists, who were active participants in the process of adopting, implementing, and using the incentives of this revolutionary innovative legislative framework: Marijeta Barjaktarović Lanzardi – Ministry of Science and Technological Development, Nenad Novović – President of the Assembly in ICT Cortex, owner of IT company Amplitudo, Velibor Bošković – Science Technology Park, Saša Ivanović – consultant UNDP, Bojana Femić Radosavović – Innovation Fund and Đorđije Brkuljan – Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center Tehnopolis. A lot of potential beneficiaries of benefits as well as measures arising from the innovation legislative framework, namely: companies, startups, spinners, and other legal entities, scientific research institutions, centers of excellence and higher education institutions that perform innovative activities, inventors, innovators, and freelancers have been participants of this event. The conclusions from this successfully organized Meetup will be discussed and adopted at the working meeting, which will be held next week, in which the most important subjects of the innovation community will take a part. The topic of the meeting will also be the consideration and definition of priorities for the improvement of the ICT sector, and the entire innovative ecosystem, which will be presented to key decision-makers. If you were not able to follow Cortex meetup Vol 8, you can find a video of the event on our YouTube channel.