The first ICT Cortex Football Tournament 

In Podgorica, on February 25th, the first ICT Cortex Football Tournament was held in collaboration with the IT company First Line Software. The main goal of the tournament, in which five teams participated – Coinis, Studio Bild, Data Design, Telemont, and First Line Software – was to promote healthy lifestyles and connect the IT community more informally.  The teams gathered around 40 players, and the tournament format involved playing one match against each other group to determine the winner based on performance. To respect the rules and provide professional refereeing, a pair of official Football Association of Montenegro referees were engaged on the field. After several relatively evenly matched matches, the best teams stood out. The first ICT Cortex football tournament winner was the Bild Studio team, with Telemont and Coinis taking second and third place, respectively. While member companies were engaged in a tense battle on the field, support was present from colleagues from competing and organizing companies and our youngest members at this tournament. Some segments that can characterize the recently held tournament are the more positive energy that characterized the teams themselves, a lot of laughter, and a profound competitive spirit that set new standards when organizing the next Cortex Football Tournament. For those who ran out of energy, Red Bull supported this event. This tournament is the first of its kind when it comes to ICT Cortex, and we would like to thank First Line Software and the “Čini dobro” Foundation for supporting the competition and contributing to its complete realization. This is just the first in a series of gatherings that we plan to organize, and we invite you to follow us on social media, where we will regularly inform you about our future activities.