First recognition for the cluster in 2022

ICT Cortex was awarded for outstanding contribution to the development of voluntary blood donation. The ICT Cortex cluster is the recipient of an award for outstanding contribution to the development of voluntary blood donation for the year 2021, which was presented on June 14, 2022, at a ceremony on the occasion of the World Day of Voluntary Blood Donors. In just over a year of its existence, the ICT Cortex cluster, in cooperation with its member companies, and through the support of the “Čini dobro” Foundation, has implemented five voluntary blood donation campaigns. “Caring for the community in which we operate is one of the basic principles of the synergistic action of companies within the ICT Cortex cluster, and voluntary blood donation actions provide an opportunity to ensure a safer future for all citizens through a humane gesture.” – they announced from the executive office of ICT Cortex. In the future period, the socially responsible business segment of the ICT Cortex cluster will be realized through the newly created “Čini dobro” Foundation – a non-profit association that brought together successful Montenegrin companies – Amplitudo, Bild studio, Coinis, Codeus, Hipotekarna bank and UNIQA, to unitedly realize initiatives that will have a long-term effect on the entire community. “The focus of the future activities of the “Čini dobro” Foundation will be investing in healthy and progressive ideas, to empower the community through the support of projects in the field of education, support for the development of green initiatives, and the development of digital services. With the vision of becoming recognizable as initiators of changes in society, through the “Čini dobro” Foundation, we will be focused on creating measurable results, guided exclusively by philanthropic motives” – emphasized the ICT Cortex cluster. Following the growth of the IT industry in Montenegro, but also globally, the executive office of the cluster believes that through dedicated work, the Foundation “Čini dobro” will become recognized as an institution for financing and supporting great ideas and projects. For more details, visit the official website –