Digital development of Montenegro

We bring together renowned ICT companies and communities in Montenegro, which have recognized the importance and necessity of our organization for the digital development of Montenegro. Through synergy, we create new business opportunities and contribute to digital transformation at international level, but we also promote Montenegro as a significant country for IT investments.

Our mission

Our mission is to improve competitiveness of the Montenegrin ICT sector, through R&D, cooperation with different stakeholders and public-private partnerships. With this in mind, ICT Cluster brings added value to  its members in the fields of technology, internationalization, talent development, innovation.

Our vision

Our vision is to position ICT Cluster as a key partner in the digital transformation of the economy, both for the private and public sector, by leveraging our ability to develop partnerships and promote our sector both locally and internationally.

Our Specific goals

the IT sector

Education and

Internationalization and strengthening of export potential

Strengthening innovation and competitiveness


Corporate Social Responsibility