Creating an independent and inclusive association

In order to successfully contribute to the digital transformation of Montenegro, we aim to establish ICT Cortex as a strong and inclusive association that will contribute to the strengthening of the IT sector. For that purpose we will focus our activities on creating cooperation with various stakeholders:

1) Cooperation with the Academic Community

We are continuously working on improving the educational curriculum in order to solve one of the crucial problems – the lack of qualified staff.

 2) Cooperation with the Government

Joint action of institutions and clusters is a key step in further digitalization and development of the IT industry of Montenegro.

 3) Cooperation with Companies

We provide support to the economy in the process of digitization through digital tools and technologies created by cluster members.

Education and employment

Given that one of the burning issues in the IT industry is the lack of a competent workforce, we are focus on creating new staff and building up the existing ones. With that in mind, professional training for a minimum of 200 people per year is planned through our educational programmes, targeting to employ at least 50% of participants .
Key activities for strengthening the IT human resources:

  • Education of the new workforce;
  • Education of the existing personnel;
  • Knowledge exchange between Cluster members;
  • women empowerment in the field of IT;
  • Knowledge exchange between stakeholders on regional and international level.

Internationalisation and strengthening of the export potential

A part of our members are focusing their business activities on the foreign markets, and the aim of ICT Cluster is to support IT companies in strategic positioning on both regional and global markets.

Additionally, partnerships with prestigious universities, science and technology parks, ICT hubs and similar institutions will further contribute to increasing our innovative activities. Through such cooperation, we aim to make a positive impact on the international market placement of domestic products and services, and to boost the global competitiveness of the Montenegrin economy.

Strengthening innovation and competitiveness

Montenegrin economy expansion has to be based on solid innovation development, accumulated knowledge and strong human resources in priority areas.

Through our activities we will benefit from the experts in the field, local and international professionals, as well as the usage of most advanced tools and technologies. By building up innovation and competitiveness, we will be directly making an impact on the development and improvement of the IT ecosystem in Montenegro.

Digital transformation
of society

We acknowledge and understand the urgent need for regulatory, tax and educational reforms, so we will present those demands through a detailed and comprehensive document – IT Manifest. The implementation of reforms will require Governmental support, as well as close cooperation between the State and ICT Cortex. We believe that the IT industry can be one of the main economic sectors, the one which will ensure accelerated economic growth, strengthen innovation and investment potential, generate new jobs and contribute to more efficient public administration.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Through the activities of our foundation, we plan to finance socially responsible projects in the fields of: digital education, support to families, initiatives for environmental protection, promotion of healthy lifestyles, development of digital infrastructure and services.

We believe our activities will make a great example of best practice which will ultimately motivate the community to engage in more activities of this kind.