Our services

Considering the goals and mission of ICT Cortex, our services will be focused on the following:

1. Project Office

The activities of our Project Office will be aimed at collecting information on challenges and opportunities for numerous international, regional and local open calls, EU programs and grants as well as coordinating and initializing  application procedures. These data will be used as the basis for creating common methodologies and ideas for project applications in the field of ICT, education and digitalization together with our members, partners and other stakeholders.

Therefore, if you have a good idea or initiative, please contact us and we will start creating some digital stories together!


2. Research and Development

We are looking for innovative solutions to discover and develop new values, products, processes and services. We will develop partnerships with numerous academic institutions and research centers. Through our activities, we will continuously work on improving research and development, primarily in the following areas:

  • AI/Machine learning
  • AI/Big Data & Analytics
  • IoT Development
  • Robotics
  • New technologies
  • Infrastructure
  • Blockchain technology
  • Video games /3D, VR, Ar
  • E-government
  • Telecommunication
  • Online advertising platforms
  • Design, UX and branding
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Web, mobile apps and software development
  • Big Data
  • Cloud Engineering and Software

3. Consulting

The pool of experts from our renowned member companies will be used in order to provide Consultancy services in different fields such as: 

  • Developing marketing strategies for the local and global market 
  • Technical support through the provision of software tools
  • Expert advice within various domains
  • Providing support for grants, calls and tenders application, on local and international level 
  • Certification – creating a network of certified consulting in specific areas (education, technology, project writing, etc.)
  • Business support for development of new startups in Montenegro

4. Networking and communication

Networking is one of the main postulates of modern business. We will use ICT Cortex activities in order to create good partnership connections focused on international market so that our members, but also all interested parties, can use this platform for promoting their business and establishing new contacts through our cluster. 

In line with that, we will connect our partners with important local and international organizations (ICT hubs, science-technology parks, business incubators), academic and educational institutions and  organize study visits, meetups, and various different events that will further strengthen our network.

5. Education of new staff and employment

One of the main goals of our Cluster is to strengthen the human capacities of our members. This objective will be realized through various activities:  

  • Education of new staff;
  • Education of existing staff;
  • Exchange of knowledge among cluster members;
  • Education, promotion of employment and vertical advancement of a larger number of women in IT; 
  • Knowledge exchange between experts and companies at regional and international level

6. Cooperation through synergy

We would like to be your first contact point when you are planning to implement a specific ICT project. Only united can we contribute to the community. As an ICT Cluster that unites the Montenegrin IT market, we have contacts and the ability to connect the three main pillars of the society: public, private and academic sectors.