Digital transformation

Development of information technologies and encouragement of digital transformation in segments such as research and development, digitalization of industry, digitalization of the economy and public administration, as well as encouraging the use of digital tools and services by the population

AI/Machine learning
AI/Big Data&Analytics
IoT development
New technologies
Blockchain technologz
Video games/3D, VR, Ar

Web, mobile apps and software development
Online advertising platform
Cloud and Software Engineering  
Big Data  
Dizajn, UX and branding
Marketing and Advertising


We want to contribute to the improvement of the education system, the acquisition of practical knowledge, the creation of professional IT staff and new talents who will have a significant influence in the ICT sector. We will create new opportunities for young people in order to motivate them to stay in Montenegro and build a career path in their own country.

As part of our activities in this area, we will organize numerous training and internships and all participants will be certified. We will also organize several job fairs and create the best possible conditions for retraining young people. We will pay special attention to the education and empowerment of women in the IT industry.

Sustainable Innovation

We develop innovative ideas that contribute to the development of Montenegro as a modern state recognized for sustainable innovation.

Some of the innovative fields we contribute are: 
– Innovation in tourism
– Smart cities
– Smart technologies
– Eco-innovation and sustainable energy
– Innovative management