Business Integration and Business Intelligence provides professional support to clients in the field of information and communication technologies. We emerged in response to market demands for a company capable of addressing complex IT issues. We develop mobile applications for IOS and Android platforms designed for both individuals and businesses.

Services and Products

  • Design, implementation, and maintenance of IT systems
  • Network equipment and Data center infrastructure
  • Help desk and customer support in the IT sector
  • Development of mobile applications for IOS and Android platforms
  • Procurement and implementation of IT equipment
  • Customized solutions in network security, data storage, secure communication between locations, and ATM connectivity
  • Customized IP telephony solutions
  • Mobile applications for IOS and Android platforms


Digital kiosk

Digital Kiosk is a unique and modern application that enables quick and easy payment of services. In the future, the introduction of new services that you can pay for in a unique way is planned, making Digital Kiosk your favorite mobile application and digital assistant. Digital Kiosk is a unique and contemporary application that allows fast and easy payment of services such as: Bill top-up, Parking, Taxi, Insurance, Events, Rent a car, Transfers, Assistance, Television, Internet, and Courses.

Cosmetics BeautyFriend

A simple application process for the Beauty Friend card for new users. The user receives a virtual card, a digital version of their card with a barcode that can be scanned at the cashier, reducing the costs of producing plastic cards. The user can start enjoying the benefits of the program, which can be explored further on the official website.

Meteo CG

The Meteo CG application relies on initial and lateral input meteorological data from the GFS NCEP model (USA). To address the challenge of Montenegro's highly complex topography and environment, double nesting (model within a model) was performed, resulting in the final mathematical meteorological model for simulating atmospheric conditions, WRF-ARW, with very fine horizontal and vertical resolution.

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