Business Intelligence Consulting is the leading credit agency in Montenegro, established in 2015, maintaining the most extensive and comprehensive database of Montenegrin business entities on its portals and The complete banking sector, key domestic and international financial institutions, as well as the most significant companies in Montenegro, are our long-standing users who confirm the relevance of our services. It is a pleasure to be their reliable support in making sound business decisions.


Services and Products:

  • Access to business portals and
  • BI2B web service (API)
  • Business analysis of individual companies, market segments, and industries.


Bi Info portal

is a data presentation platform providing information about business entities in Montenegro. It includes status information about business entities as well as financial data and analyses with a business history overview.


is an extension of the "Bi Info" portal, featuring detailed financial analyses of individual business entities, as well as analyses of narrower and broader business sectors/industries.

The project 100 Largest in Montenegro

in which we are one of the organizers and analytical partners. The project promotes positive business practices and orderly and transparent financial operations by ranking companies and rewarding the most successful ones.

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