ČIKOM is one of the leading ICT companies and leaders in the digital transformation of Montenegro. Currently, ČIKOM has over 70 highly qualified experts and a network of external consultants. Different IT profiles, a scientific approach, accumulated knowledge and experience, adherence to global standards, and close collaboration with clients are the guarantee of the success of ČIKOM’s business philosophy – IT WITH A HUMAN TOUCH. With a broad spectrum of products and services offered, ranging from the development and implementation of the most complex ICT solutions – software development, system integration, as well as regular innovative activities, we meet all the needs of the domestic market and international market through the internationalization of innovative products developed in our company.


Services and products:

Design, development, implementation, and maintenance of information systems

Development and implementation of mobile applications on IOS and Android platforms

Data center infrastructure

System infrastructure and services


Network engineering


eDMS for the Government of Montenegro

Business solution that enables simple, fast, secure, and transparent handling of all business documents in the Government of Montenegro and ministries.

eSV for the Government of Montenegro

is a comprehensive solution that covers the entire process of the electronic sessions of the Government of Montenegro and all its commissions and committees. This solution monitors the preparation process, the review process in ministries, data archiving, as well as the formation and monitoring of the implementation of all conclusions adopted at electronic sessions of the Government and the implementation of the work program of the Government of Montenegro.

JIIS (Integrated Inspection Information System) for the Administration for Inspection Affairs

is an integrated document management system with an inspection supervision system developed to fully support the processes and procedures of inspection supervision for all inspections within the Administration for Inspection Affairs.


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