The company CodeLab is engaged in the development of a wide range of software and hardware solutions, spanning from desktop to mobile and web/cloud applications, to video games and microcontroller devices. Such diversity in projects – not only in terms of types but also in the technologies used – speaks volumes about the people working on them, typically seniors with extensive experience in their respective fields. In our business, we prioritize the client, as we believe that a satisfied client is imperative. This can only be achieved through a fair relationship and the creation of high-quality solutions that align with their needs.


Services and Products:

  • Desktop, mobile, and web applications
  • Scientific software
  • Serverless cloud solutions
  • Game development
  • Hardware design and development
  • Education
  • Consulting


Finveo Back Office

is a comprehensive business solution designed for the needs of the international investment company Finveo AD. It consists of back office software, trading modules, and special applications for database synchronization and file distribution.

Through the world of chess

is a portal featuring educational chess games that complement the content of the book "Kroz svijet šaha sa rakunom" (Through the World of Chess with the Raccoon). This portal aids children in mastering the skills of this ancient game through entertainment. The application is developed in collaboration with the Chess Federation of Montenegro and is supported by the World Chess Federation – FIDE.


is a serverless solution designed to provide comprehensive support for the operations of the Institute for Civil Engineering in Podgorica. It includes features such as archiving, client management, project tracking, performance metrics, task management, administration tools, notifications, and more.

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