Codeus is a software company primarily focused on developing applications in the web segment. It consists of a small team of experienced and talented engineers, and the company’s products are oriented towards the Western market – primarily the USA and the EU.

Their mission is to provide top-notch software solutions for specific challenges. They create powerful, functional, and aesthetically pleasing applications that enhance productivity.

Services and products:

  • Web applications
  • APIs for mobile applications
  • DevOps infrastructure solutions



is a SaaS healthcare platform created by Codeus's team from scratch. After several years of development, the product has garnered significant attention from investors. The latest Series A investment has further accelerated the development of this product, making it a significant player in the healthcare industry in the United States.


Complete implementation of a business portal application for one of the largest delivery platforms in the Saudi Arabian market, with over 6 million registered users..

Flexibility Pathway

A platform that digitizes business processes in childcare centers, enabling them to use their capacities more efficiently. In the international team developing this application, Codeus is fully responsible for the development of the web application, server application, and APIs used by the mobile application of this product.

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