is an ad-tech company whose business is based on creating cutting-edge, modern technology for displaying and tracking ads on the internet.

Coinis enables large corporations, product owners, and distributors to advertise in a very simple and fast way, and track the performance of their activities through a dedicated business intelligence system.

In addition, it allows website owners to monetize their content with innovative ad formats.

Services and Products:

  • Performance Marketing
  • Lead Gen Acquisition
  • WebPush Ad Network
  • Native Ads Monetization


Coinis Monetisation Suite

allows users/companies to monetize or profit from any digital product through this platform.

WebPush Ad Network

Coinis is one of the leading networks specializing in web push activities. With a large user base, they assist owners of digital products in monetizing their offerings.

Developers Lab

An internal academy created for all programming and computer science enthusiasts. The educational program is designed so that participants can master skills most effectively through practical examples.

Radosava Burića 2/13, Podgorica