Curriculum development for soft skills

Brief description of the project:

Based on the results fromof the first cycle of the Cortex Academy, the second cycle included training for the development of soft skills. These are skills related to interaction with other people, communication, teamwork, problem solving, adaptability and other non-technical knowledge and abilities. They include: communication (verbal and non-verbal), cooperation and teamwork, leadership, time management, problem solving, adaptability, creativity, critical thinking, motivation, empathy, adaptability, flexibility. This program is a great complement to Cortex Academy’s technical courses and is intended for the best Cortex Academy candidates as well as employees of member companies, who want to upgrade their technical knowledge with soft skills. The course plan and program will be adapted to each target group, in accordance with its needs and specifics.

Key activities:

  • Curriculum development for Cortex Academy’s soft skills program.

Project partners:


February – maj 2023


4,667.50 euros

Funding by:

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