Data Design is a company for information engineering and consulting in Podgorica. Since its establishment until today, the company  is focused on development, implementation and maintenance of its software products  (mainly in the field of  e-commerce, business information system and traffic), as well as digital marketing service and development of web solutions. 


Since Data Design team is highly specialized in these areas, all their solutions are tailored to the requirements of their users. In fact, the vision of the company is development of tailor-made  IT products and services.

Services and products: 

Website development, SEO, digital marketing, security information 

Tiramisu ERP, MNE webshop, BusTicket



centralized integrated information system for road traffic management in the region. This system has a platform for managing the system and a subsystem for bus station operations (ticket sales and services)


business information system developed entirely as a web application, which is available online on our cloud platform anytime and anywhere according to the SaaS model.


drop shipping platform for product placement of the company users of the information system created on the model of global leaders in this field such as and

Bul. Šarla de Gola br. 2, Podgorica