Students of Montenegrin secondary vocational schools from Nikšić, Podgorica, Bijelo Polje, and Rožaje who actively attended training in the field of web and mobile application development as part of the Cortex Academy – an education program implemented by the cluster for information technology, innovation, education, design and technological development of Montenegro, have started a free internship in ICT Cortex member companies.

As part of the practice, the students were divided into teams, within which nine students from Bijelo Polje and Podgorica, and four from Nikšić were assigned to the field of web application development, while eight students from Podgorica were active in the mobile application development segment.

Namely, the students will cooperate with mentors from the companies Coinis, Fleka and Data Design until September, with the aim of improving their skills in the field of web application development, after which the final competition awaits them in September, where the best teams will be awarded.

As part of the practical part of the training, participants who opted for the mobile application development segment began an internship at the company Amplitudo, and soon we are expecting the start of education at the honorary member of the ICT Cortex cluster – Crnogorski Telekom.

The cooperation with secondary schools from four Montenegrin municipalities is an upgrade of last year’s successful cooperation with ETŠ “Vaso Aligrudić”, which aimed to improve the educational process, with a focus on practical teaching within the direction for the development of web and mobile applications. The participants had the opportunity to work on real projects for 7 weeks, and to create professional work habits through intensive cooperation with mentors from cluster members.

We remind you that the Cortex Academy is an education program that includes courses in programming, project management, design, marketing, and software testing. In the previous months, the participants of the pieces of training in the member companies of the cluster, and through the materials available on the online platform, improved their knowledge of some of the most sought-after positions in the ICT market.