Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Prof. Ph.D. Vesna Bratić and the Chief project officer in the ICT Cortex, Ferida Mandić, signed a Memorandum of Understanding today on the premises of the Ministry.

On this occasion, Minister Bratić announced that the Strategy for Digitization of the Education System envisages the establishment of cooperation with the economy in order to promote IT occupations, order to encourage students to choose occupations that are promising, which are the needs of the labor market, and which are currently in short supply, as well as cooperation on the development and improvement of the digital competence of students and teachers.

“The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, and Sports and the cluster of IT companies, ICT Cortex, defines cooperation in these fields. More precisely, this memorandum defines cooperation with secondary vocational schools in which the educational program Electrical Technician for the development of mobile and web applications or other educational programs in the field of IT is implemented; cooperation with secondary vocational schools in the form of organization of practical classes at the employer for students and training at the employer for teachers; cooperation with schools dealing with general secondary education in the field of student and teacher education; organization of competitions in the field of information and communication technologies in cooperation with competent institutions, the Center for Vocational Education and the Examination Center; promotion of qualifications, typical occupations and career opportunities in the field of IT among elementary and high school students; raising awareness of the needs and possibilities of education in the field of IT; creation of self-guided programming courses for the “Digital School”; creation of programs in the field of IT for professional training of teachers, as well as cooperation during the celebration of the International Day of Safe Internet and the International Day of Girls in IT”, Minister Bratić explained.

The director of projects in the ICT Cortex cluster, Ferida Mandić, stated that the Cortex Academy is currently the most important project of the ICT Cortex cluster and that it represents the largest ICT education program in Montenegro. She pointed out that the courses are intended for different categories of participants, with an emphasis on young people, students, and high school students, and that for the first cycle of the Cortex Academy, as many as 1,292 applications were received, while the training started in February.

“What makes us very happy is that there was great interest from high school students, especially from 6 municipalities: Bijelo Polje, Berane, Nikšić, Pljevlja, Rožaje, and Podgorica. We have 300 students from 10 schools who are now attending courses to acquire theoretical knowledge, and then they will do internships in one of the 13 member companies of ICT Cortex. That is why we are extremely glad to have signed this agreement with the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports, through which we will jointly implement activities within the Cortex Academy project, but also on all other projects in the field of education, over the next five years, all with the aim of that educational programs follow the needs of the labor market”, said Mandić.