The ICT Cortex cluster was founded with the idea of creating new business opportunities and contributing to the digital transformation of Montenegro through synergistic action, cooperation with our member companies, and presenting our country as an important destination for IT investments.

Our executive office communicates daily with members of 35 member companies, as well as with representatives of public institutions, to create new values in the fields of technology, internationalization, talent development, and innovation.

That is why we are always looking for great people who can bring new energy to our team, making us even better and more efficient!

Who are we looking for?

Project manager for education programs and Cortex Academy!

Required qualifications and experience:

College education (minimum Bachelor)

Good knowledge of the English language

Minimum of three years of work experience

  What do we expect from you?

Experience and expertise in leadership, project management

Effective planning and organization

Willingness to take initiative

Adaptability to challenging circumstances and risks

Developed negotiation and communication skills

Responsible, detailed, and dedicated attitude toward work

Ability to effectively solve problems and make decisions

Ability to prioritize

Enthusiasm and creativity

Team spirit, directness, and openness

Stress tolerance and coping well under pressure

Knowledge of project management software is desirable, but not necessary

Knowledge of the innovation ecosystem and digital transformation process in Montenegro is desirable, but not necessary.

What will your job be?

Planning and implementation of project activities

Monitoring and control of project activities

Communication with all partners (schools, professors, companies, representatives of the public and private sectors) and project users (pupils, students, citizens), field visits

PR activities and participation in panels and conferences

Formation of the budget and its monitoring and control

Planning and scheduling project deadlines

Control and supervision of quality and procurement process

Risk management and project control to reduce potential negative events Constant monitoring and reporting of project progress to all stakeholders, especially management

Monitoring activities on the critical path to avoid project delays

Taking corrective and preventive actions to get the project back on track

Project quality assurance

Responsibility for the successful implementation of the project

Project evaluation and assessment of results

Searching for donors and securing additional funds for projects

We offer you:

The opportunity to change society for the better, set standards and trends in the educational and academic sector of Montenegro

An opportunity to meet all key stakeholders from the field of education, innovation, and IT sector in Montenegro, the region, and Europe

This an exceptional opportunity to be the source of information, knowledge, contacts, and world trends

The chance to constantly grow, develop and get out of your comfort zone

Access to all courses and pieces of training by the most eminent local and global experts/organizations

Daily contact and the opportunity to learn from professionals who have decades of experience in business, marketing, strategic planning, education, project management, IT

An innovative work environment that includes the most successful Montenegrin IT companies and the most important partners of the innovation ecosystem

The opportunity to visit the best technology festivals and the most developed innovative organizations in the world

The opportunity to present your knowledge, experience, and results at various conferences and in public performances

Financial conditions that are very stimulating for Montenegrin conditions

Participation in the housing security program allows you to save at least 30% of the investment for the apartment

Working on the latest equipment (MacBook, iPad, iPhone)

A dynamic, dedicated, and innovative team – our employees say that one month of work at ICT Cortex is like 5 months of work elsewhere

At Cortex, we do not waste paper, but use numerous modern tools for functioning every day, among others: Slack, Google Meet, JIRA, Confluence, Google Sheets/Doc/Forms.

Use the opportunity to become part of the team and contribute innovative ideas to the development of the ICT Cortex cluster, but also the wider community!

Send CV to

Deadline for applications 01.07.2022.

We are waiting for you!