Let’s do practice

Project Brief:

The project presents Cortex practice for high school students. 28 third-grade students of the Vaso Aligrudić School of Electrical Engineering participated. They were divided into 7 teams and had the same task: creating an information system for the school library. The practical part was organized in 7 ICT Cortex companies (Alicorn, Amplitudo, Bild Studio, Coinis, Data Design, Logate and Oykos Development) while 15 mentors with many years of experience worked with the students. The project lasted 7 weeks, that is, seven iterations organized according to the agile work methodology. At the presentation of technical solutions, an objective jury judged all presented web applications as functional.

Key Activities:

  • Organization of education programs,
  • Creating an application,
  • Posting the code on GitHub,
  • Implementation on Confluence,
  • control exam,
  • Organizing practical classes in companies for class III and IV.

Project Partners:

Electrical engineering school ‘Vaso Aligrudić and member companies: Alicorn, Amplitudo, Bild Studio, Coinis, Data Design, Logate, Oykos Development.


april 2021 – december 2021 


35.000 eur 

Funding Source:

Reconomy logo, Telekom, Logate Akademija, Coca Cola, Duka hosting.