The company Logate implements and maintains software systems for banks and telecommunication giants in Montenegro and the region, as well as for numerous businesses, public institutions, and enterprises. Together with its sister companies, it employs over 90 engineers, programmers, economists, and designers.

The Logate team of experts has hundreds of years of collective experience in the development, implementation, and support of enterprise software solutions. In February 2018, they opened the doors to Logate Academy with the aim of empowering the IT community in Montenegro through a growing offer of professional and accredited training in the field of information technology. The academy seeks to educate IT professionals and promote careers in the IT industry as challenging and interesting, addressing the labor market demand.

If you have any further questions or would like to know more about specific products or services offered by Logate, feel free to ask!


Services and products:

  • Open Provider
  • Loan Tracking System
  • Contact Center, Mobile banking
  • Blues Retail
  • Cumulus
  • FolderX
  • Enterprise Notification Gateway
  • Web Development
  • OpenMX
  • Enterprise Notification Gateway


Magenta Telekom

Implementation of Voice over WiFi solution and fixed-mobile convergence project

Telekom Srbija MTS

Systems and integrations

NLB banka

Implementation of the contact center

Ulica Vojislavljevića bb, Dahna, Podgorica
077 272 272