The Science and Technology Park Montenegro was established with the aim of providing support and enhancing the potential for economic growth and development in Montenegro, through the establishment and growth of companies/teams in high-tech industries. Additionally, a specific aspect of the operation of STP Montenegro is support for the development and commercialization of innovative ideas and projects.


Services and Products

Support for entrepreneurial ventures through incubation processes, financing, training, mentorship, and connection to ecosystems of technological innovations, both regional and global.

Acceleration of product innovations in the private sector through support programs and grants that encourage the development of new products and innovations.

Promotion of collaboration with the business and academic community, as well as decision-makers within Montenegro.

Creation of a stimulating environment that fosters innovation and collaboration by attracting and providing support to residents focused on the development of products and services based on technology and the commercialization of scientific research.



The pre-acceleration program BoostMeUp is a national platform for developing an innovative ecosystem in Montenegro through the development of financing models and access to capital, creating and disseminating knowledge, increasing talent availability, fostering entrepreneurial culture, and facilitating market access.


The B-Blue project addresses the challenges and bottlenecks of exploiting marine bio-resources, aiming to identify, engage, and bring together the Blue Bioeconomy Technology (BBt) innovation community of the Mediterranean. Its goal is to strengthen relationships among its organizations and promote the growth of the blue economy. B-Blue focuses on implementing a transnational coordination mechanism for the BBt community through an interconnected digital platform for the BBt community and the Mediterranean network of geographically linked actors.

DigITrening (Increasing Youth Digital Literacy to Mitigate COVID-19 Effects)

The project included programming IT training, as well as training in 3D modeling, for children aged 13 to 16. Participants underwent two four-month training sessions in these areas. As a result of the successfully conducted training, ten interactive games themed around COVID-19 were created to creatively educate younger generations about the issues caused by the pandemic. Additionally, the outcome of the 3D training sessions includes ten created 3D-printed models of protective equipment.

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