Project Brief: The project was implemented with the aim of presenting the results, good examples, and best practices from the first cycle of the Cortex Academy, as well as promoting and preparing for the second cycle. It included the development of a marketing plan, a campaign for the entire project and separate events, as well as promotional activities on websites and social media. The goal was to demonstrate the importance and value of the Cortex Academy through experiences, enhanced digital skills achieved among the Montenegrin population and youth, and further contribute to raising awareness about IT professions.
Key Activities:
  • Preparation and publication of video materials from training sessions.
  • Recording and publishing testimonials.
  • Preparation and printing of promotional materials for the final event of the first cycle.
  • Development of a marketing plan.
  • Promotion on social media.
Project Partners: Čini dobro Foundation, Municipality of Nikšić
August 2022 – January 2023
Budget: 4.300 euros
Funded by: Reconomy logo