Project Brief: The Cortex Academy is the first IT education program in Montenegro, in which the largest member companies of the cluster have participated, with the aim of providing quality workforce. The goal of the Cortex Academy is to create high-quality new professionals, increase employment, reduce brain drain, strengthen corporate education, and contribute to the education system. Educational programs are designed for high school students, college students, teachers, IT professionals, and anyone who wants to specialize, retrain, or enhance their existing knowledge in the field of ICT. All Academy participants who successfully complete the programs will become part of the Cortex HR database, available to member companies.
Key Activities:
  • Organization of educational programs
  • Recruitment and selection of participants
  • Procurement of content and courses
  • Organization of practical training in companies
  • Promotional activities
Project Partners:  Čini dobro Foundation, Telekom, Municipality of Bilje Polje, and Municipality of Nikšić
Duration: November 2021 – November 2022
Budget: 26,402 euros
Funding by: Reconomy logo, Telekom