The Fintech Committee of the ICT Cluster Cortex and the Association of Banks of Montenegro signed a Memorandum of Cooperation today.

The Memorandum was signed with the aim of jointly participating and contributing to the development of the Fintech sector in Montenegro, implementing PSD2 and PSD3, organizing joint meetings and events, exchanging knowledge and experiences from the IT and banking domains, and jointly responding to and contributing in the fintech segment.

One of the key goals of the ICT Cluster Cortex is the digital transformation and smart specialization of Montenegro. In this regard, the Association of Banks of Montenegro stands out as a key partner, aiming to jointly enhance business in the field of financial innovations in Montenegro.

This Memorandum formalizes the unification of cooperation among key stakeholders, highlighting their readiness to collaborate on financial innovations that are crucial for positioning Montenegro as an attractive country for Fintech solutions.

On behalf of the Association of Banks of Montenegro, the Memorandum was signed by the General Secretary, Bratislav Pejaković, who stated:

“We are pleased to have signed the Memorandum of Cooperation with the ICT Cortex Cluster for Information Technologies, Innovation, Education, Design, and Technological Development, which brings together renowned ICT companies and communities in Montenegro. Banks and the Association of Banks in Montenegro already collaborate with members of this cluster on several projects, and through this agreement, we aim to make the cooperation even more effective and visible. It is of great importance to promote domestic expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, new business opportunities, and to jointly define and create solutions for specific needs, thereby demonstrating a synergistic and high-quality effect that contributes to the national digital transformation.”

The President of the Fintech Committee of the ICT Cluster Cortex, Miloš Milošević, highlighted during the signing of the Memorandum:

“Open banking is a key component of the modern financial sector, enabling better transparency, greater competitiveness, and more accessible services for users. Today, banks do not just offer financial services; they possess software solutions that are the foundation for further innovations, which means that banks cannot exist without IT, nor can IT exist without banks. Through the Fintech Committee of the Cortex Cluster, and together with the Association of Banks of Montenegro, we will continue to actively monitor regulatory changes and participate in the process of financial innovations, ensuring that our industry remains at the forefront of technological advancement, and positioning Montenegro on the Fintech radar of the region.”

The synergistic cooperation between IT companies and banks is proof of the maturity of the Montenegrin market in overcoming business barriers, with the aim of contributing to the further digitalization of banking services through synergistic Fintech solutions in Montenegro.