Psupport for the development of the priority domain Smart specialization strategies - Information and communication technologies - (S3-IT)

Brief description of the project:

The creation and capacity building of an independent and inclusive Association – ICT Cortex, which will be focused on the growth of the ICT sector and the promotion of the industry, strengthening innovation and the R&D ecosystem, and working to connect all stakeholders (private, public, academic community and non-governmental organizations) to work together on digital transformation of Montenegrin society and economy.

Key activities:

  • Creation and capacity building of the Association – ICT Cortex,
  • Establishment of the administrative body, the assembly and the board of directors for the ICT cluster,
  • Procurement of the necessary work and office equipment, renting of office space,
  • Maintaining the Executive Office, organizing the sessions of the Board of Directors and the Assembly and sessions of the Expert Committees,
  • Carrying out activities to increase the number of members of the Association,
  • Implementation of the software solution and setting up of the Association’s digital infrastructure,
  • Design and development of the official website,
  • Defining and managing the promotion channels of the Association,
  • Provision of license and installation of financial records software,
  • Providing and setting up a document management system (DMS),
  • The launch of the first Montenegrin technology portal,
  • Organizing annual conferences of the Cluster,
  • internationalization,
  • Participation and organization of meetings, hackathons, competitions, conferences,
  • Networking and connecting the IT community with all stakeholders in society (at the national, regional and international level),
  • Networking and creation of partnerships and consortia in order to apply for international, bilateral and EU funds,
  • Contribution to the digital transformation of society and economy,
  • Education,
  • Media promotion of the Association.

Project partners:


January 2022 – December 2024


€1,096,722.80 (50% is the contribution of member companies)

Funding by:

Ministry of Science and Technological Development