Support for Promotional Activities of the ICT Cortex Cluster

Project Brief:

The HELP Office in Montenegro is the first donor of ICT Cortex, providing support during the cluster’s establishment, positioning, and long-term operations in Montenegro and the Western Balkans. It initiated a public campaign consisting of various activities on social media, PR articles on relevant portals, TV appearances, university promotions, and other awareness-raising events. The project also involved the creation of the cluster’s website and academy.

Key Activities:

  • Organizing a promotional campaign for the cluster
  • Developing the cluster’s website and academy website
  • Establishing a graphic standards manual
  • Crafting a marketing plan for cluster promotion
  • Organizing promotional events

Project Partners:

Member companies, including Bild Studio, Fleka, and Logate.


March 2021 – February 2022


20.000 eur 

Funding Source:

Reconomy logo