Vladan Tabaš is the new president of the Board of Directors of ICT cluster Cortex

The management board of the Montenegrin ICT cluster Cortex, at the session held on 10th of November 2022, unanimously decided that Vladan Tabaš, executive director of the Čikom company, should be the head of this administrative body of the cluster. The newly elected president of the Management Board of the cluster, which gathers renowned Montenegrin IT companies, expressed his satisfaction with the trust shown by the Management Board and reflected on the period and achievements of the cluster so far. “In the first year of work on the Montenegrin IT scene, Cortex has laid recognizable foundations and built on them in the field of association and strengthening of the IT community, education at various levels, internationalization and promotion of digital standards and digital transformation. It is a great honor and pleasure for me to be trusted to be the head of the Cortex Board of Directors, and I hope that with my work and experience, together with the other members of the Board of Directors, I will help the executive team and all members of Cortex to continue on well-prepared paths. Our ambitions have been great since the start, but our strength is also great and is a guarantee of the success of the vision that is our guiding principle – a digitally transformed Montenegro with a strong IT sector capable not only of providing services on the local market but also of being appreciated in the international framework. ” – said Vladan Tabaš. Sanja Gardašević, executive director of the company Alicorn, performed the role of president of the Management Board of the Cortex ICT cluster, from the establishment of the cluster until the appointment of a new president, who will continue to be a member of the Management Board of the cluster, together with: Nenad Novović, Ivica Tatar, Dejan Petković, Aleksandr Bošković, and Nikolom Ljumović. Founded to be a leader in the digital transformation of the economy and public administration, as well as improving the framework and ecosystem necessary for providing digital innovations in industry and education, the Montenegrin ICT Cortex cluster has gathered 34 renowned IT companies over the past two years that have recognized the importance and need for the existence of this organization for the digital development of Montenegro. He managed to connect the academic and public sectors and launched numerous programs, including the largest program in the field of ICT education, the Cortex Academy, implemented several projects in the field of internationalization, and founded the “Čini dobro” foundation.