The ICT Cortex cluster received a special award from the Union of Employers

At the solemn ceremony celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Union of Employers, the ICT Cortex cluster received a special recognition for the activities carried out in 2022: Recognition for a business policy that connects socially responsible business and information and communication technologies, and applies them in regular practice. The award was presented to Marketing Director Tanja Dukić, who thanked the Union of Employers for the award and expressed her satisfaction that the cluster’s contribution to the community was recognized through numerous projects, of which the Cortex Academy and the First Podgorica ICT Week stood out. “Established with the aim of being a leader in the digital transformation of the economy and public administration, as well as improving the framework and ecosystem that is necessary for the provision of digital innovations in industry and education, the Montenegrin cluster ICT Cortex has, in less than two years of operation, gathered 34 renowned IT companies that have recognized the importance and need for the existence of this organization for the digital development of Montenegro. We managed to connect with the academic and public sector, launch numerous projects, including the largest education program in the field of ICT education, the Cortex Academy, organize the first ICT week, realize several projects in the field of internationalization, and establish a foundation through which we will continue to give back to the community. in which we operate.” In her presentation, Tanja approached the idea of the “Čini dobro” Foundation, which gathers Montenegrin companies known for their socially responsible business for years. “Through the Foundation, united, we invest in healthy and progressive ideas, create opportunities for education, rely on green initiatives, and support the development of digital services. The“Čini dobro” foundation is open for new members of socially responsible companies, and I hereby invite you to join us, to do good together! ”