Meet Our Member: DigitalBee

As a cluster currently comprising 45 member companies, we continuously work on introducing our community to our members and the latest developments. From now on, you can expect the introduction of one of our members every week, accompanied by the projects they are currently working on. To kick things off, we’d like to introduce you to DigitalBee. DigitalBee was founded in 2019 with a clear mission – to develop competencies crucial for success in the digital age. What’s it all about? Digital skills, emotional intelligence, and creativity – these are the core components that DigitalBee nurtures through its unique proprietary program called “Beyond Coding.” However, this is not just another program; it’s a journey that inspires and shapes children and teenagers, providing them with tools and confidence to face the new challenges of the digital era. Shortly after its inception, DigitalBee was recognized as the premier place for developing the competencies needed for children’s success in the digital age. In 2021, this company became a licensed educational institution, injecting a breath of fresh air into Montenegro’s education system with its creative approach. Offering two adult education programs, “Database Basics” and “Digital Marketing“, DigitalBee is not merely following the trends of digital transformation but is becoming a key driver of those trends. In the following text, we will delve deeper into the journey that DigitalBee has undertaken and discover how they have contributed to the development of education in Montenegro. Transforming Children and Adults into Digital Creators Our interviewees and founders of DigitalBee, Valentina Radulović and Jasna Pejović, proudly state that what sets their company apart is a comprehensive approach to children’s education, which, in their words, is unique in the region: “Our ‘Beyond Coding’ programs are designed so that learning programming takes center stage, while carefully designed additional content exercises emotional intelligence and creative thinking competencies. These courses transform participants into creators in the digital world.” These educational programs are intended for children aged five to sixteen. According to our interviewees, the youngest participants enter the world of programming by developing algorithmic thinking without screens, using age-appropriate robots. On the other hand, older participants learn programming using languages like Scratch, Python, JavaScript, and App Inventor. What makes this program unique is that very serious skills are learned exclusively through play, making classes both interesting and useful experiences for children. Furthermore, DigitalBee offers courses for adults with the aim of improving their skills and acquiring new ones to help them find their career path in the new digital age: “Database Basics’ and ‘Digital Marketing’ programs are designed for adults who want to master competencies that will help them in their jobs, find additional or new engagements, or start and manage their businesses.” Out of over a thousand participants, successful students and innovators have emerged Regarding DigitalBee’s achievements, Jasna and Valentina attribute their greatest successes to the achievements of their participants: “So far, over 1000 children have gone through our ‘Beyond Coding’ programs. Most of them are now successful students and high school students, with a significant number of our participants winning awards in programming and robotics competitions. Many of our participants have told us that the competencies and skills they have acquired in our programs have helped them resolve conflicts with peers or better present their ideas. In our classrooms, friendships are formed that last beyond classes, which in itself represents a special kind of success. All of these are achievements that bring us joy and motivation to approach each new generation with the same dedication and introduce new programs and content. Knowledge empowers us and gives us freedom, and we are here to help our participants acquire important and current competencies.” Furthermore, they added that they are proud of the fact that participants in the adult programs use the acquired skills in their work environments, develop their businesses, or create additional sources of income using the knowledge they have gained. Become a Change Maker: Applications Are Open If you plan to join DigitalBee’s education programs and become part of a community that actively shapes the future in the digital world, now is the right time to apply for one of the open programs. For those interested in adult programs, note that they are held several times a year, allowing you to join when it suits you best. On the other hand, programs designed for children, known as “Beyond Coding,” start at the beginning of the school year – in September and February. This is an opportunity for the youngest to start their journey into the digital world in the right way and master digital technologies instead of the other way around. For all information about educational programs, we recommend visiting their website, where your first step towards the future in the digital world awaits you. Become a part of one of DigitalBee’s education programs and be ready to become a change-maker! Apply now. Author: Stefan Blecic