Crnogorski Telekom is the largest telecommunications company in Montenegro, providing a complete range of telecommunications services to business and residential users. Telecommunications have always been the core business of the company, but in order to stay at the forefront, Telekom had to evolve from an operator providing traditional telecommunications services into a company that highly values innovation and finding new ways to enhance the daily lives of its customers and improve business. Thanks to this, Telekom now provides users with connectivity, partners with secure, proven, and reliable new technologies, and local communities the opportunity to improve their interaction with citizens and overcome the digital divide.

Crnogorski Telekom is part of the Deutsche Telekom Group, the most valuable telecommunications brand in Europe and one of the largest global companies in the telecommunications and information technology sector, present in over 50 countries worldwide. As part of the DT Group, Telekom has integrated sustainability principles into its business, with social and environmental criteria at the core of decision-making processes within the company. The results in the field of social responsibility position Telekom among the leaders in Montenegro.


Services and Products:

Complete range of fixed and mobile telecommunication services and ICT solutions.



A web portal for digital signing, sealing, verifying, and timestamping documents – easy and secure. It is intended for both individuals and legal entities.


Everything for eFiscalization - ready solutions tailored to every business. Cloud Call Center All the benefits of a traditional call center without buying infrastructure and software.

Cloud Call centar

All the benefits of a traditional call center without the need to purchase infrastructure and software

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