Podgorica, PR press service – ICT Cortex begins the establishment of professional committees, which will strengthen the community through the association of experts from both cluster member companies and from numerous areas related to ICT.

This was announced at the event marking the successful year of existence as well as the launch of professional committees, which was attended by over 150 representatives of the IT community from 29 member companies of ICT Cortex, as well as partners and associates of the organization.

Milena Aković, coordinator of the professional committees, in front of ICT Cortex, said that in the previous year, the cluster managed to connect the economy, the academic community, and institutions and that it signed a contract with the state worth one million euros.

“We received funds for internationalization and education. We have become members of numerous professional bodies. We secured a grant worth half a million euros for equipping the Vaso Aligrudić School of Electrical Engineering. We increased the number of members from 11 to 29. We launched numerous initiatives that we are particularly proud of, and which we will continue this year as well,” Aković said.

It is planned, as she announced, to establish eight professional committees.

“The goal of the board is to connect middle and top management, to act on the community, strengthen capacities within companies, but also to promote the profession. The first board we started is the board for HR and education, which consists of 12 members from IT member companies. In order to be a fully inclusive association, we will organize various focus groups and involve many of you to give your contribution”, said Aković.

After the committee for HR and education, a committee for sales and internationalization will be established, followed by a committee for the empowerment of women in ICT.

“What we plan to achieve with the boards is joint strengthening, launching of ideas and initiatives and to show through that segment that we can only do more with united forces.” – concluded Aković

The president of the board for HR and education, Jelena Janković from the company Amplitudo, said that the goal is to create the best possible environment for all people working in the IT industry, to find all the problems that exist in the market and “to try to fix it”.

Also, Janković expressed her hope that the gathering of employees from all member companies of the cluster will continue, and that there will be more similar gatherings.

The sponsor of the event was Crnogorski Telekom, and the official part was followed by a party of the IT community with the Ribnica band, which was also supported by sponsors: Nikšićko beer, Red Bull, Coca-Cola, and G3 Spirits.