Study visit: Bosnia and Herzegovina

The period behind us was marked by a study visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The ICT Cortex team together with representatives of the companies Amplitudo, Bild Studio, Čikom, and Simes Inženjering and accelerator Digital Den was in Sarajevo and Mostar from 6-9. December. Within four days of a condensed schedule, we visited leading IT companies […]


The “StepUp with Cortex” project of ICT Cortex and the Capital City of Podgorica improved the competitiveness of 12 small IT companies

ICT Cortex, in cooperation with the Capital city of Podgorica, realized the project “StepUp with Cortex”, which was supported by the Kingdom of Norway through the project “Norway for you – Montenegro”. The “StepUp with Cortex” project, which the ICT Cortex cluster implemented in cooperation with the Capital City of Podgorica, with the support of […]


First recognition for the cluster in 2022

ICT Cortex was awarded for outstanding contribution to the development of voluntary blood donation. The ICT Cortex cluster is the recipient of an award for outstanding contribution to the development of voluntary blood donation for the year 2021, which was presented on June 14, 2022, at a ceremony on the occasion of the World Day […]


Applications for Cortex academy are closed!

At exactly midnight, applications for the largest education program in the field of ICT in Montenegro were closed, with a total number of applications – 1,292. The Cortex Academy combined all the education programs of the members of the ICT Cortex cluster, and at the same time provided an additional, online form of education in […]


Members of Cortex winners of numerous recognitions and awards

ICT Cortex was founded by innovative Montenegrin IT companies, which employ some of the most awarded and recognized experts in the field of entrepreneurship, management, and innovation. On Tuesday, July 6, 2021, the awards ceremony was held by the Association of Managers of Montenegro. Laureates for 2020 were selected. On this occasion, an award was […]

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